What's La Casa Maledetta?


Ever wanted to be part of a thriller?
Ever thought what would happen if you were to find yourself in a scary situation with potential dangers all around you?

La Casa Maledetta is the answer to these doubts and desires.
A psychological nightmare that will test your courage and your mental clarity: making your entrance in La Casa you will be catapulted into another dimension, a surreal place where your expectations and your fears will be able to materialize!

La Casa Maledetta is not a game and it is not un'escape room.
A totalizing experience of which you will be the main character, along with up to 14 other people (then divided into small groups), which combines and awakens the dormant characters of your person: anxiety, fear, stress, but also a lot of gratification in finding out and unravelling the mysteries of the family tragedy that took place within the walls of La Casa!

The Cursed House is a mansion house, abandoned for centuries: it is cold, dark and cramped.
Be sure to say goodbye to all of your loved ones before entering. You might never come back. 




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