1. What’s La Casa Maledetta?

La Casa Maledetta is no game and it’s not an escape room: it is a totally new experience that will tickle many aspects of your personality (fear, stress, anxiety) as you dive deeper into the mysteries of La Casa.

2. Is it scary?

Upon booking you will be able to state whether you and your friends would present yourselves as “Brave” or “Scaredy cats”. Depending on this you will be able to chose between “Brave Mode” and “Scaredy Cat" mode. Either way you will have a great experience!

3. How long does it last?

The experience is 90 minutes long (including quick introduction and conclusion sessions).

4. What happens after the 90 minutes?

The first chapter of this experience ends.

5. Do you win anything by getting to the end of the experience alive?

There is no physical reward: what you will gain is totally up to you.

6. How many people can take part?

Every experience can accommodate up to a maximum of 15 people at once. It will therefore be possible to you to conduct the experience even with people who have not yet got to know. If you wish to take part an experience only for you, simply reserve all 15 places available.

If you are more than 15, such as for team-building activities, please write to info@lacasamaledetta.it  to explain the details of the request: for larger groups we offer exciting experiences!

7. How old must you be?

The Haunted House has no age limit. If you are a minor you will have to be accompanied by a parent that will also have to take part to the experience. 

8. Will you need particular knowledge to take part and enjoy the experience?

No, you will just need to keep vigilant and stick to the rest of the group (if present). No physical skills are required, they won’ be needed.

9. Will you need any particular equipment?

We suggest to wear comfortable and warm clothes, as to ensure the best experience to the participants, for scenic reasons the temperatures of the environments are kept rigid, whatever the season. It is also advisable to avoid high heels.

10. Can a pregnant woman take part to the experience?

No physical activity is required and players can ask to end the experience for any reason at any time. The experience might cause anxiety and is designed to get people scared so it might still be advisable not to take part if pregnant.

11. Can someone suffering from claustrophobia take part?

Yes. As stated above if for any reason the person wants to end the experience he only need ask.

12. Can a person with a handicap take part to the experience? 

We are not currently able to guarantee the experience to everyone as we are not structured to work with wheel chairs.

It is also necessary that at least one person within the group can hear.

13. Is it in the dark? 

Not totally, but light is dimmed in most spots.

14. Can you ask to exit before the end of the experience? 

Yes, you can ask to exit at any time but you will then not be able to go back in.

15.How much does it cost and how can you pay?

The cost for the experience depends on the number of participants.

To ensure yourself an immediate and correct reservation, you can pay by PayPal or Credit Card (carefully follow instructions that will appear upon booking).

Alternatively you will be able to pay cash at the ticket office within the Kemtek store, which you will find at the following address: Via Gallura 15, Milan.

Mon 15:00/19:30; Tue-Fri 9:30/13:00 - 15:00/19:30; Sat 10:00-14:00; Sun closed.

16. Can I buy the experience for someone else?

Sure! Buy the voucher directly here: http://www.lacasamaledetta.it/conferma/voucer 

17. Can I cancel or modify my booking?

Due to the correct scheduling of the activities, it’s not possible to ask any change to the reservation.

18. Do you have to be there early?

Absolutely not! 

Be there on time! Neither early nor late! Time is money!

19. What happens if you get there late?

We ask you to kindly get there on time. If you are late, as you will understand, we will have to take time off of your 90 minutes as there might be another group visiting after you. 

20. We took part to the experience a couple of days ago but we still can’t find our photo on facebook. Is that normal?

It will usually take us about a week to publish new photos. It you can’t find it after a week contact us in private and we will sort it out. 

21. Is it possible to organise team building and corporate events?

Absolutely! Contact us at the following address info@lacasamaledetta.it to give us some detail and we will come up with something special for you.

22. You would like to work with us or find out more about how to open a similar business?

Contact us! Write and email at the following address info@lacasamaledetta.it